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About Us
We live in central
Pennsylvania  in a narrow
valley and mountains
settled by Bob's great
Family and friends living
nearby our farm. Bob is now
retired so is finding more
time for his farming,fishing
and hunting.
l am busy with the boarding
kennel, grooming and
raising and showing my
beloved cocker spaniels.
The kennel and all could not run smoothly without helpers like my manager
Lynda Brittan and my niece Amy Reeder, and her kids Madison and Colton .
The breeding program and showing has SPECIAL people also--Vicki,Tina and  
Stephanie and the  Campbell family--Tim and Sue and their wonderful children,
who will be the next generation of handlers.
Many great friends along the way and you all know who you are as you will be
found somewhere on this web site.  THANKS to all !!!
and his toys !!